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Kate Ramos


“Sight Unseen” 3D Artist (textured art)

Kate Ramos is the owner of the Edge She opened the gallery on November 20 2011.  She studied commercial art at George Brown College. Her professional experience roles include Graphic Design Director, gallery assistant and recently owner of an art gallery. She has been represented by Loft Gallery, Clarksburg, Art Appreciation, Barrie and at The Edge Gallery, Barrie.  Her festival shows are Kempenfest, Hamilton, Molson Christmas winning best in show. Kate Ramos is a member of Artists in Canada Saskatoon,, BaySide Artists, Barrie Art Club. She is part of the Toronto City Hall public collection. CNIBplaque Her textured works has given her inspiration to paint for the blind so that they may see our world in scale. She has established a partnership with the CNIB by donating “Sight Unseen” w-TexturedPainting-july22-sh___Content 3D pieces for the blind to freely touch and interact with at their offices. She plans to create one piece for every CNIB center across Canada.


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"Path to Discovery" acrylic on canvas  30"h x 40"w

“Path to Discovery” acrylic on canvas 30″h x 40″w

Donated to the CNIB

“Delicate Gentleman 1″ – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″w x 40″h

Donated to the CNIB

“Delicate Gentleman 2″ – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″w x 40″h

Donated to the CNIB

Paintings below available at the Edge Gallery

Closeup of "Secret Reward"

Closeup of “Secret Reward”


"Secret Reward" - 100% acrylic on canvas - 30"h x 40"w

“Secret Reward” – 100% acrylic on canvas – 30″h x 40″w


Closeup of "Secret Reward"

Closeup of “Secret Reward”


"Interior Insight" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Interior Insight” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12

"Rising Song" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Rising Song” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12

"Silent Journey" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Silent Journey” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12

"Sunset Memories" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Sunset Memories” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12


"Unfolding Illumination" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Unfolding Illumination” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12



“Meditation of Innocence” – Acrylic on Canvas – 20″h x 24″w


“Vision in Spirit” – Acrylic on canvas – 36″ x 36″


"Rising Song" Acrylic on canvas - 36"h x 24"w

“Rising Song” Acrylic on canvas – 36″h x 24″w

"Muse with Creation" acrylic on canvas - 24"h x 30"w

“Muse with Creation” acrylic on canvas – 24″h x 30″w

"Silent Poetry" - A/C - 30"h x 60"w

“Silent Poetry” – A/C – 30″h x 60″w


"Tree 1" acrylic on canvas - 12" x 12"

“Tree 1″ acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 12″

"Dreamer" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 x 12

“Dreamer” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 12

"Enlightenment" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 x 12

“Enlightenment” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 12


"Tranquility" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 x 12

“Tranquility” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 12


"Daylight Yearning" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Daylight Yearning” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12

"Dawn Delight" - Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Dawn Delight” – Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12


"Flouringshing Spring" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12"w x 24"h

“Flouringshing Spring” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12″w x 24″h


paintingsm*SOLD*  tree4sm*SOLD*
"Spirit & Philosophy" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 x 12

“Spirit & Philosophy” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 12

"Birch Blaze" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12 x 12

“Birch Blaze” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 12


"Summer Flourish" - Acrylic on canvas - 12"x 12"

“Summer Flourish” – Acrylic on canvas – 12″x 12″


"Tree 3" acrylic on canvas - 12" x 12"

“Tree 3″ acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 12″

"Tree 2" acrylic on canvas - 12" x 12"

“Tree 2″ acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 12″



“Zephyrs Yen” Acrylic on canvas – 12″w x 24″h

"Pain De Paris" acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

“Pain De Paris” acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12

“Wisdom” – Acrylic on Canvas – 36″h x 40″w


“Bountiful” acrylic on canvas


“Providence” – Acrylic on Canvas – Diptych – 12 x 12


“Dream and Elegance” – Acrylic on Canvas – 20″h x 24″w

The Babble of Peace" acrylic on canvas

The Babble of Peace” acrylic on canvas



“Sentry” – Acrylic on Canvas – 36″w x 48″h

Acrylic on canvas - 12 x 12

Acrylic on canvas – 12 x 12


"Shielded" Acrylic on canvas - 30" x 40"

“Shielded” Acrylic on canvas – 30″ x 40″


“Mystic Sentiment” – Acrylic on Canvas – 18″x18″


“Secret Season” – Acrylic on Canvas – 18″ x 18″









"Sunset Medley" acrylic on canvas - 12" x12"

“Sunset Medley” acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 12″


“Illumination of Life” 36″ h x 72″ w

“Lake of Dreams” Acrylic


“Guidance” – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″h x 40″w


“Reflecting Memories” Acrylic on canvas- 36″h x 60″w


“Depth and Element” – Acrylic on Canvas -

*SOLD*at the Loft Gallery – Clarksburg

“Lake of Dreams” – Triptych Acrylic 144″ x 36″


Gary Ramos

Gary is a self-taught artist with an interest in painting and metal work. He loves to create wind swept branches and twisted trees amongst stone and metals, and then to spend a day creating bright coloured birch trees on canvas. He has a passion for everything wild and is inspired by his wilderness get aways.





“Peaceful Dance” – Oil on canvas- 12 x 12


“Secret Emotion” – Oil on Canvas – 12 x 12


“Single Element” – Oil on Canvas – 12 x 12


“Peace of Soul” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12 x 24


“Lucky Now” – Acrylic on canvas – 24″w x 30″h

Marie-Claude Boucher

Artists Statement

When it comes to perfection in art, I am a rebel in that I choose to explore originality, audacity and simplicity. When faced with a blank canvas for the first time I aim for spontaneity to allow each work to progress in its own direction. By allowing my feelings to direct the flow of the work I am able to capture the energy of the moment allowing each work to convey to the viewer a small glimpse of myself.boucher


Marie-Claude has developed her style with the use of spontaneous, wide and loose brush strokes. She maintains a palette of primary and bold colors relying on the use of fluid brush strokes and minimal details to convey her message. This colorful and simplistic approach bears her imitable signature. She is a contemporary landscape artist with an expressionist twist. The rich colors of artists such as Marc-Aurele Fortin and Matisse deeply influence both her palette and her approach to painting.


Marie-Claude Boucher was born in Charny, Quebec in 1973. Her interest in art began at an early age when she could often be found drawing with her sister. She studied Latin, Spanish language and French literature at McGill University, graduating with a degree in Arts and Literature. After a brief teaching career, she made the decision to devote her time to her true passion, painting. Marie-Claude draws her inspiration from the many summers spent as a child in the small villages of Quebec and later in life, her trips with her family to Europe. She loves the simplicity and the modesty of the rural life: the broken fences, the bicycle left by the tree, the clothesline and the shutters on the house. Marie Claudes ability to find joy in every moment defines her personality and at the same time her art. It becomes feel good experience just to explore textures and her colors. Marie-Claude has worked on illustrations for the childrens book series Super Katie published by Purple Moose Publishing. Her work can be found adorning the walls of the Montreal Childrens Hospital and the Veterans Hospital in Montreal. More recently her work has been shown in fine art galleries throughout North America.

“Yellow Crazy” – Acrylic on Canvas – 40″ x 40″

“Je Reviendrai” – Acrylic on Canvas – 20″h x 30″w

“Plein Soleil” – Acrylic on Canvas – 72″w x 36″h


PFA-Harmonie Au Village-Triptych 2=15wx30h 1=30×30


” Provence, Mon Amour!” – Acrylic on Canvas – 40″w x 30″h


” Narrow Daylight” – Acrylic on Canvas – 36″w x 30″h


“Sailing Away” Acrylic on Canvas – 20″w x 24″h


“Soft Breeze” Acrylic on Canvas – 20″w x 24″h


Colourful Poetry A/C 48x36

Colourful Poetry
A/C 48×36

"Weekend By The Lake" 40" x 40" - A/C

“Weekend By The Lake”
40″ x 40″ – A/C

"Sous Les Cedres" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24"h x 36"w

“Sous Les Cedres” – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″h x 36″w

"All I Am" - 12" x 12" - Acrylic on Canvas

“All I Am” – 12″ x 12″ – Acrylic on Canvas


Michael Foers

Michael Foers was born in Yorkshire, England in 1955. He immigrated to Canada with his family as a child. 03d1ee4744b09bc6181efe2a9b63Growing up in the splendor of the Canadian landscape, Foers began to paint the natural beauty that surrounded him. He worked for many years in the great North, accumulating a collection of visual images and sketches to which he would later return as a professional painter.

It was in a logging community near Sultan, Ontario, that his artistic convictions were crystallized. Foers saw in the forest a quiet and colorful place of tranquil introspection, where his own moods were reflected in play of light on organic forms. Foers studied the work of both Canadian and European master landscapists such as Tom Thompson, and Claude Monet. His modern Impressionist aesthetic combines this bi-national impulse, which Foers has further cultivated with travel to Europe and plein-air painting. From Thompson, Foers borrows a bold and experimental use of color: trees take on the bright floral tones of red, orange, and yellow. Their arching branches and flat leaves have a geometric, even architectural aspect.

While his painting is visibly rooted in the countryside, Foers explores an abstract impulse. His style reveals much of his combined interest in expressionistic color and abstracted form. The artist’s light and energetic brushstroke is paired with a vibrant and often autumnal palette. He applies staccato bursts of paint that, together, create a vibrant mosaic. Through his dynamic use of color and shape, the artist offers a personal view of the natural environment that has been his home and livelihood since youth.


"Untitled" 30 x 60 Acrylic

“Untitled” 30 x 60 Acrylic


"Killarney Sunset" SOLD

“Killarney Sunset”


"Radiant Lake" a/c 48 x 24

“Radiant Lake” Acrylic on Canvas – 48″w x 24″h


“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas - 36"h x 60"w

“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas – 36″h x 60″w

“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas - 30"h x 72"w

“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″h x 72″w


“Untitled”  – Acrylic on Canvas - 30"w x 60"h

“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″w x 60″h

Jeanette Luchese

“November 1″ – Acrylic and Resin on Canvas – 24″ x 24″


My work, driven by thoughts is made through a thought-less process of intuitive mark making: a push-pull of mediums and modes metaphorically asking and answering questions. Freezing time, embracing those instants, those moments, that hold the world still, that have the capacity to move mountains with just a new breath. I welcome the uncertainty that exists within the mystery to better explore the rhythms of being alive in this wonderfully bizarre entanglement. 

Resilience is key: I am a forever optimist.









Jeanette Luchese is an Italian-Canadian creating within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, poetry and when so moved, transcribing the results to sound. Graduate of School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College and Sheridan College School of Design resides in Innisfil, Ontario Canada and exhibits Internationally. Recipient of in 2014, “Great Visual Arts Golden Eagle Trophy – Award of Honour, Salerno, Italy. In 2015 the Kandinsky Award of Creativity, Salerno, Italy. Published in Abstract | Ext, A first approximation to abstract literature¹ by David Quiles Guilló ­ Gone Once, page 76  (April 2015 ­ 45 authors. Printed in Spain) and Short Listed for the 2015 Gwendolyn MacEwen / Exile Poetry Competition published in ELQ Exile:The Literary Quarterly July Edition 2016.

2017 has seen work head off to Italy in the group exhibitions: Contemporary visual art “Golden Eagle 2017″, Roman Temple of Pomona, Salerno, Italy and HUMAN RIGHTS? #H2O – 161 Artists | 30 Countries, Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti, Rovereto, TN, Italy. In  Barrie and Aurora, Ontario: A group exhibition in support of Truth and Reconciliation - Call to Action #83, MacLaren Art Centre and the Aurora Cultural Centre Gallery. 

Looking forward –  upcoming solo exhibition October 2018 Regional Campus Gallery, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. 








Effects of Brown in a
world of Blue

A Walk in the Woods

Creamy Dreamy



Time Scape


Life 101 – Rock On

“Moments of What Seems to be Clarity” -

A Visual Spacial Reality

“A Visual Spacial Reality” – mixed media -






My work, driven by thoughts is made through a thought-less process of intuitive mark making: a push-pull of mediums and modes metaphorically asking and answering questions. Freezing time, embracing those instants, those moments, that hold the world still, that have the capacity to move mountains with just a new breath. I welcome the uncertainty that exists within the mystery to better explore the rhythms of being alive in this wonderfully bizarre entanglement. 

Resilience is key: I am a forever optimist.




Jeanette Luchese is an Italian-Canadian creating within the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, poetry and when so moved, transcribing the results to sound. Graduate of School of Design and Visual Art, Georgian College and Sheridan College School of Design resides in Innisfil, Ontario Canada and exhibits Internationally. Recipient of in 2014, “Great Visual Arts Golden Eagle Trophy – Award of Honour, Salerno, Italy. In 2015 the Kandinsky Award of Creativity, Salerno, Italy. Published in Abstract | Ext, A first approximation to abstract literature¹ by David Quiles Guilló ­ Gone Once, page 76  (April 2015 ­ 45 authors. Printed in Spain) and Short Listed for the 2015 Gwendolyn MacEwen / Exile Poetry Competition published in ELQ Exile:The Literary Quarterly July Edition 2016.

2017 has seen work head off to Italy in the group exhibitions: Contemporary visual art “Golden Eagle 2017″, Roman Temple of Pomona, Salerno, Italy and HUMAN RIGHTS? #H2O – 161 Artists | 30 Countries, Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti, Rovereto, TN, Italy. In  Barrie and Aurora, Ontario: A group exhibition in support of Truth and Reconciliation - Call to Action #83, MacLaren Art Centre and the Aurora Cultural Centre Gallery. 

Looking forward –  upcoming solo exhibition October 2018 Regional Campus Gallery, Barrie, Ontario, Canada. 

Michel Poirier

Michel Poirier was born in 1961 in St Jean sur Richelieu,Quebec. He had his first show in Paris in 1985 at La Maison Sous Les Arbres. In 1988, he gave up his career at Ford Motor Company to IMG_C52EBD-788735-5FC71E-D7B0D6-1385B4-7B5FD5pursue his art full time. From 1991 to 1994 Michel owned and operated 2 art galleries in Mont Tremblant and published his first series of lithographs. In 1994, on a search for new inspiration, he moved to the United States, settling at his studio in Coconut Grove, Florida, where he had great success with his ‘Boots’ Series (over 80 paintings of vintage cowboy boots from the 50’s, along with a few unique designs of his own).

His artwork has been used for Country & Western album covers, and national advertisements.

His “Sunflower Boot” painting made the cover of Arizona Magazine. Michel participated in international invitational watercolour shows where his creative close ups of feet were widely recognized.
Michel has come a long way from operating a small art gallery in Tremblant in the early 90’s to making his reputation throughout the US and winning an award at the prestigious Vanier & Roberts International Watercolor Invitational in 95. He subsequently signed with a publisher, who convinced him to embark on a world cruise as a guest artist and lecturer. His love for the sea prompted him to take a position as an Art Director for many major cruise lines under the umbrella of Carnival Corporation (Princess, Cunard, Ocean Village, Costa and P&O).
Following his success overseas, he returned to his roots in Mont Tremblant and focused on painting what really compelled him as an artist, transparencies and reflections, weather in glass, metal or nature. His current studio is located in an old train station in the heart of the village of Mont Tremblant, Quebec, where he grew up skiing and enjoying the great outdoors.
For Michel, it’s the painting process that matters, subject is secondary, no matter what imagery you create, “your soul will shine through every stroke, if you really love what you do”
“The variety of styles and subjects I’ve produced over the years testify to my insatiable need to constantly reinvent myself.”



"Onesime" - A/C - 40" x 40"

“Onesime” – A/C – 40″ x 40″

"Untitled" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40"h x 48"w

“Untitled” – Acrylic on Canvas – 40″h x 48″w

"New Blue" - A/C - 40" x 48"

“New Blue” – A/C – 40″ x 48″

John Adams

“My Passion…My Art.John Adams
The beauty of nature is my inspiration, the big sky blanketing, the hills, the movement of the wind and of course the trees.
My passion is traveling by motorcycle discovering the beautifully twisty roads through dense woods past streams and long stretches of farmlands. I’m lucky to live my passion and create what I call interpretative landscapes.”

John’s passion for the visual arts began as a young boy, later taking him to California where he studied at The Art Centre College receiving a BFA. After graduating he worked as both an Art Director and a Creative Director in the world of advertising where the visual impact is always paramount. Upon picking up a paint brush again John knew he was where he should be, painting.
Painting in Acrylics during recent years John has been able to better express a sense of colour and how it affects our lives. Colour is by far the most exciting aspect of all these paintings. More importantly are the colours that are not expected.
John’s interpretive landscapes reflect a fresh approach to the wonderment of the outdoors. “Happy.” “Content.” “Comfortable.”
“At ease.” These are some of the words used to describe his work.

John’s paintings have found new homes in private collections and offices across North America.



Memories of a Silent Square – 48w x 36h



“Blue Sky” – 40″ x 60″ – Acrylic


Vast Edge – A/C – 36″w x 24″h


Heather Haynes

The work of painter Heather Haynes has been described as everything from dramatic or chaotic to unexplainably beautiful. For Haynes, however, there are no words or formulas. As she states, “I try not to think when I’m painting.” Rather she can be seen continuing
the expressionistic tradition of being engaged in the act of painting. Haynes declares, “I try to give up in the moment. That brush stroke was destined to be there, and that brush stroke was destined to be covered up, and that little bit of red that sticks out of there was meant to be there.”

It is precisely this inability to analyze her work shows the beauty of it. Her paintings of abstracted landscapes take from the natural world and are filtered through her artistic vision. The resulting images are not only sublime but transcend our everyday world and lie somewhere between the realm of the real and the imagination. The fields and tress exist on the outside in a mysterious landscape. A place the viewer is invited to journey into. Her use of lace imagery adds an interior element, reminiscent of old curtains and wallpaper. The subtle writing adds another deep interior dimension, quoting her grandfather, urging her to believe in her dreams.

A/C – Resin – 12″ x 48″

Been Around the World – A/C – Resin – 30 x 30

A/C – Resin – 30″ x 48″

Matters of the Heart – A/C- Resin- 36″ x 24″

A/C – Resin – 48 x 48

Ed Ambros



Art has always been an integral part of the life of Ed Ambros.  Specializing in Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovak Republic gave Ed the foundation he needed to pursue his dreams.  In 1968, with the political turmoil in his homeland Ed made the difficult decision to leave and immigrate to Canada.

Ed continued to refine his artistic practice when he came to Canada and pass his acquired knowledge and wisdom on to future generations by becoming an art teacher.  For over twenty years, Ed worked with students to help them find their artistic voice. Art has always been an integral part of the life of Ed Ambros.  Specializing in Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovak Republic gave Ed the foundation he needed to pursue his dreams.  In 1968, with the political turmoil in his homeland Ed made the difficult decision to leave and immigrate to Canada.

Ed, who expresses himself through drama, music, painting and sculpture, has created an extensive body of visual art over the years.  His paintings and sculpture be found in numerous corporate and private collections in both North America and Europe.  Today Ed works mostly within the medium of painting but continues to be greatly inspired by all forms of artistic expression.


“From Barrie to Blue Mountain” MM/C – 40″ x 40″

tryptch trees

“Taupe Pines (IV) (I) & (III) – MM/C – 12″ x 72″ each


“Sunrise at the Bay” – MM/B – 36″ x 36″


“Algonquin Sunrise” – MM/B – 12″ x 48″


“Seville” – MM/B – 40″ x 40″


“Love” – MM/B – 12″ x 48″


“Turquoise Waterfall” – MM/C – 24″ x 48″

abstract17ed ambroscropped

“Joy” MM/C – 40″ x 40″

Brian Buckrell



Brian retired from the University of Guelph (veterinary medicine and agriculture) in 2001 and relocated to Comox B.C., on Vancouver Island. In 2004 he began his study with acclaimed artists in Canada and the US. In 2007 he invested in full time study at the Jeffrey Watts Atelier in California, drawing and painting from life. He continues today to study with exceptional artists.


He paints full time in oils and acrylics. His interests are the Canadian landscape, including painting on location (plein air), and figurative studies.  He has won competitions and awards for both his studio and plein air paintings.


Brian’s paintings have been featured in Arabella Magazine, South West Art Magazine and Plein Air Magazine’s Plein Air Today. He is also featured in the North Light Books: The Best of Acrylic Painters, 2014 and 2015.

His paintings have sold across Canada, and internationally. He is represented by galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

Brian and his wife Cathy share their time between Courtenay BC. and Collingwood Ontario.


"Rock View" - Acrylic on canvas - 20" x 20"

“Rock View” – Acrylic on canvas – 20″ x 20″


“Trot Home” – Acrylic on canvas – 30″ x 40″


John Roy Newton

John Newton is an extraordinary artist showing his work in major galleries in Ontario and New York. He has been classically trained in the arts and studied with Ray Simpson of the Angel Academy.

John also enjoys teaching and sharing his skills with others. He is an accomplished instructor who demonstrates his lessons and offers positive personal critique to guide you to success. Classes are supported with detailed notes of techniques, terminology and procedures.



Deeper Memories – O/C – 30 x 40


 Watch Kevin Richards VIP’s interview with John Newton, click here!


For gallery owners wholesale available for this artist

to view available paintings click here!

Michelle Guitard



Artist Statement

Rather than recreating an image on a canvas I aim to express its essence. In order to capture this richness, I work on a number of paintings concurrently. This allows me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one painting to another. I am most interested in the movement of organic shapes and patterns using colour and texture. Each multi-layered painting captures some fragment of the images power until each piece coalesces to express its deepest essence.




To The End – A/C – 16 x 20

Brilliant Blue 16 x 20 – A/C

Majestic Light – a/c – 30 x 20

Fallen Light – 20 x 30 – a/c

Barb TenEycke


Barb currently resides in Oakville On., but spends a great deal of time at her family cottage just outside of Algonquin Park. After many years in the field of interior design and renovating, Barb now devotes herself passionately to the informal study of fine art. Barb creates original acrylic paintings on canvas. Canadian landscape inspired, Barb’s work ranges from realism to abstract. Passion, depth, and contrast are always key elements.






Rock of Ages – A/C – 40×30

Winding Stream – A/C – 40×30

Blueberry Island – A/C – 48×36

Around the Point – A/C – 36×30

Lora Childs

Sculpture in Soapstone

Lora lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

She has been studying and worked under the tutelage of well know Canadian Sculptor, Sandy Cline for the past Five years.

Working in a three dimensional medium has Lora constantly watching wildlife in motion in order to capture the movement of the creature in stone.

Lora is constantly acquiring and carving soapstone from all over the world as each area’s stone has unique characteristics.

Lora spends much of her time in Florida which is represented in the Gulf Coast creatures that she often carves. All carvings are bathed in a beeswax finish to nourish and protect the stone. This technique was used by Egyptian sculptors to preserve soapstone carvings before being placed in the Pharaoh’s tombs.

“Seed Clatch”
 ”Incense Feather”
 “Woody”  “Horned Owl”  “Curious Cat”
 “Embrace”  “Busy Beaver”  “Bashful”
 “Feathered Friends”

Eva Folks


Being creative has always been an important part of my life.  After high school I tried a variety of careers in the business world.
Only years later did I realize that I needed a vocation with creativity  so I decided to change my career path. In 1995 I started painting murals and finishes for clients in the GTA, during which time I learned a lot about the art of painting.
In 2006, encouraged by a fellow artist that I had worked with a great deal, I began putting my ideas on canvas.
In 2011, I decided that I wanted art to be my sole career and have been taking the steps necessary to do this. I currently reside in Aurora, Ontario, Canada with my cabinetmaker husband David, our dogs Lucky and Chester, and our ever entertaining parrot ‘Green Man’.




 eva2  eva1

Peter John Reid


"In the Cool of the Pool" - 30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas

Painting is a never-ending process of learning, exploring both the subject and the medium. There are times when painting seems magic: paint flows onto the canvas seemingly without thought, the hand moves in fluid motions, quickly the images take shape and come to life. The critical eye then comes into play, painting slows as final strokes approach the finished work. The first part is joy, the second part esembles work. The experience lies in knowing when to stop working. Many artists seek to find a style that is all their own, and then become a slave to it, at first exploring, then looking for motifs to which to apply it. Often the drive is the need to make a living and public acceptance. I want to explore, follow a vein, try another, blend the two, move on, come back, explore some more, move on, in hopes to always be growing as a painter. My style lies in the manner in which I move my brush, the way I work with colour and form, not in a set look. I like to follow my own truth -just need to find it. Sometimes a painting is left orphaned, failing to find its home. On a rare occasion it’s the painting’s lack of appeal :·). Often it’s one of my favourite paintings, while others, closer to the bottom of the list, find homes quickly. This has led me to the understanding that my job is to create, yours is to find what connects. It gives me joy to know when a painting finds a strong connection with someone, even if I don’t always understand that connection. Having painted in both watercolour and oil paints, the versatility of acrylic has been dominant for the last number of years. I work mostly on large canvases, for the love of the visual impact of size, which can dominate the visual field, and still allows one to get lost in the abstract of texture and details. Born in Plymouth, England, raised in Toronto, and for the last twenty-some years residing in rural Grey County in the heart of Niagara Escarpment country has provided me with a wealth of inspiration. My driving force has always been a need to create, in all mediums: wood, stone, plastic, and metal, but mostly in paint. It is much like hunger: the longer it goes without expression, the greater the outpouring of creative energy, although results aren’t guaranteed, the results become more consistent with experience. I am getting closer to my creative visions as the years go by. My goal is to become a better painter and to never stop growing. If you enjoy my work, I hope you will continue to visit my website and see my passion as I evolve through the years.


"Breathe" 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Water Colours" 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas


"Tamurac's Day in the Sun" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"The Boat House" - 36" x 48" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Tree Birches" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas



"Morning After the Storm" - 20" x 16" - Acrylic on Canvas


"In the Cool of the Pool" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Where the Road Turns" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"All Candian"- 36" x 72" - Acrylic on Canvas



William Prettie

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts “With Distinction”, University of Victoria, BC (Kelowna), 1996.

Born in Southern Ontario, I have lived and worked all across Canada. Much of North America has been travelled repeatedly, and some of Europe was toured in 1996 with a slightly extended stay in the lovely city of Prague. Years at a time have been spent living studying and working everywhere  in Canada from Vancouver, BC, to Halifax, NS, and many places in between.
Shortly after the second world war, my parents discovered that they could not readily afford the new ‘modern’ methods of gardening. Fortunately, I gained an early interest in the ways my folks planted and have studied and practiced those ‘old fashioned’ methods ever since.
Earning a living (beyond very early experiments in sales, construction labouring and such) has ranged from entrepreneurial pursuits in home construction and remodelling, to educational administration. I have also operated and taught heavy equipment in road building and mining.
More recently, I have spent almost seven years at a diamond mine 300 kilometres by air northeast of Yellowknife, NWT. All of these life experiences have contributed to my art practice over the decades and, of course, to the underlying understandings that have been built up. My understandings are not only intellectually attained, but also come from the fact of working physically, and especially from working with others who do the same.


“Desert Wind”- enamel and plastic paint on aluminum composite 32 x 48

“Inception” – enamel and plastic paint on aluminum composite 32 x 48

" Tween Dark and Dawn"

” Tween Dark and Dawn”

Deep in the Woods – 40h x 30w – Oil on Canvas


Lynne Schumacher


I was born in Toronto in 1950 and, at an early age, I discovered that art was my soul mate. I sold my first painting for 13.00 when I was 11 years old. For the first time, I felt the joy of a stranger liking my work enough to pay for it.

After high school, I attended Central Technical School and studied under the talented artists there. I am proud to say that Doris McCarthy, one of our great painters, was one of my mentors. Although I studied commercial art, I found fine arts more appealing.

My parents owned a cottage in the Haliburton Highlands and every weekend was spent either on the water or in the woods painting. The seclusion there allowed me to withdraw to a beautiful world around me. Peaceful and safe. In this world, each mushroom, rock and tree was a part of my soul. During my early teens, while visiting relatives in the Maritimes, I was abused by a male relative. This affected me greatly and I found that only withdrawing to my studio and painting offered me the relief that I needed. It was a lifeline.

When I was married and had a daughter, I would take her along to the Arts in the Parks. This event was sponsored by the City of Toronto and every weekend, the city would allow budding artists to exhibit in the parks in Toronto. This eventually led to the City Hall, Markham Fair and Carling art shows where my work was accepted. I began to sell regularly to collectors. During this time, two art dealers approached me to represent my work. As a result, many of my paintings can be found in corporate collections such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Exxon Canada and Sunnybrooke and Women’s College Hospital. At this time, my work was also being sold at several galleries around the city.

After my health had suffered a setback, I was forced to severely reduce my painting. Having three daughters and a home, my ability to keep up the demands of the art was too much. As time moved on, I was drawn back to the art I loved. Having always admired Andrew and Jamie Wyeth watercolours, I was inspired to take up and study the medium in addition to my oils. Previous clients who followed my work encouraged me to sell again.

Even though abstraction was the predominant art showing and selling at the time, my realism was still in demand and it had a strong following. This encouraged me to fulfil my vision.

When I study and paint the wonders of the landscapes before me, there is this connection or beauty that moves my being and gives me great peace. I try to capture a feeling or emotion of the moment that makes you feel as though you had stepped from one world into another. When painting water, I am addicted to trying to capture the moment in time of the dynamic environment of wind and

As my work began to sell and I began to win awards for my visions, I began to get asked to donate to important charity auctions such as the Varley Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Mississauga. As well, I began to show at the McMichael Gallery art show and sale.

I am a member of Beaux Arts Brampton which is an artist’s cooperative and gallery and, as such, I am able to exhibit my work from my base of operations in my Brampton studio where I have a disciplined vision. Every pebble and every detail in my paintings must be correct within its context. I call this “environmental realism” and painting in this style gives me great joy.

As a member of the Colour and Form Society and the Ontario Society of Artists, I am able to exhibit with some of Canada’s finest artists. The OSA is the oldest art society in Canada and its past membership is a prestigious list, including members of the Group of Seven.

Recently, I have signed with the Art Gallery of Ontario rentals programme. I am exhibiting with the Artists Project Toronto. Through one of my galleries, my work is now making its way to the Maritimes. Many of my larger canvases have been purchased by corporations through galleries that I am associated with. I have been approached many times to make prints but I have never and will never do so. I want to protect the investment of those who purchased my work in the past.

Between galleries and shows, I spend time with groups of other artists painting from portrait and figure models. During the good weather, you can find me painting plien aire or hiking the trails in search of earth’s wonders. This forms the basis of the research for my work.

I am married with three daughters and five grandchildren as well as having many art friends who support me in my journey.


Statues at Sunset – 12h x 16w



Silver – 36h x 24w



A Stand of Aspens – 36h x 12w – Oil on Canvas


"Spring Awakening" - Oil on canvas - 44"h x 48"w

“Spring Awakening” – Oil on canvas – 44″h x 48″w

"The Canopy Above" - Oil on Canvas - 48"h x 36"w

“The Canopy Above” – Oil on Canvas – 48″h x 36″w

"Wild Poppies" - Oil on canvas - 16"h x 16"w

“Wild Poppies” – Oil on canvas – 16″h x 16″w

"Soup Harbour Sunset" - Oil on canvas - 36"h x 48"w

“Soup Harbour Sunset” – Oil on canvas – 36″h x 48″w

"Sculptured Northern Shore" - Oil on canvas - 36"h x 48"w

“Sculptured Northern Shore” – Oil on canvas – 36″h x 48″w

Fall Fair

“Fall Fair” – Oil on canvas – 40″h x 60″w

Annie Churchill



BIO Finding beauty in each day then expressing the rhythm, color, contrast, design and emotion of those moments onto canvas anniesummerwith paint. I paint a variety of subjects in a variety of mediums. Landscapes in acrylic being my favorite. My landscapes are a testament to the places I have been and the places I have yet to discover.Early childhood introduction and love of the French and American Impressionists along with years spent in graphic design and scenic movie painting have shaped my approach to painting. Layering of color, capturing light, and then adding clean edge design to each piece are signatures of my painting style.

Annie is an American/ Canadian visual artist who has spent half of her life living and traveling across the United States. Drawing and painting from early childhood. Greatly influenced and nurtured by her mother and great grandfather both accomplished painters.

She embarked on her Canadian journey in 1983 after marrying a Canadian fellow in Southern California. They then moved to Ottawa where she graduated from Algonquin College’s Graphic Design Program. After pursing graphic design with advertising agencies and then floral design with an Ottawa florist , she and her family moved to the Toronto Beach area in 1994. Continuing to work in the arts she managed a beaches gallery, did some fundraising for the arts, decorative painting for designers, contractors, and clients. Several years were spent as a scenic painter in the movie industry where she learned a wide range of painting techniques from some very skilled artisans. Always pursing her passion for the arts and adding to her repertoire of skills and technique.
Recently moving to Barrie and eagerly exploring the surrounding beauty of the Georgian Bay area. Drawing inspiration and painting on a full time basis now. A joyful place to be.


"Autumn Day on Harrison Lake" - A/C - 30"h x 40"w

“Autumn Day on Harrison Lake” – A/C – 30″h x 40″w


“Autumn Backroad in Kinghurst Forest Reserve A/C -24″w x 30″h


“A Tuscan Road” – A/C – 24″w x 36″h


“Summers End Tuscany” – A/C – 24″w x 36″h


“Dreaming of Tuscany” – A/C – 36″w x 48″h


“A Boggy Afternoon in Bala” – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″h x 48″w

"Cranberry Bog Days in Bala" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24" h x 48"w

“Cranberry Bog Days in Bala” – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″ h x 48″w

Brian Wyers

In 1987, Brian showed the 65 faux finishing and specialty paint techniques he had learned at the Day Studio of California for the International Interior Design Exposition at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. An immediate success, he went on to specialty paint finish some of Toronto’s most famous landmark buildings and for its more prestigious inhabitants. To this day, he retains a reputation of diverse abilities, design skills, and colour acuity.

For the 20 years prior to this, Brian enjoyed a career of window dressing and trade show exhibition. He worked freelance mainly in the Yonge, Bloor and Yorkville areas as well as department stores including Eatons, Holts, and the Bay. He became known for his innovation and trend setting styles.

In the mid-sixties, Brian studied Architecture at Ryerson, with the honour of having his renderings displayed at trade shows to represent the school.

From an early age, he painted canvases that he sold privately. His first public showing was at the Toronto Art Expo in 2005, where he received tremendous accolades and invitations to show his oil paintings in Canadian and U.S. galleries.

At present, he has culminated these skills and created a body of work, mainly florals, that are large, colourful, and dramatic, in a look he refers to as “Powerful Serenity.”


"Play" - Oil on canvas - 36" x 60"

“Play” – Oil on canvas – 36″ x 60″

"Bound for Glory" - Oil on canvas - 36" x 60"

“Bound for Glory” – Oil on canvas – 36″ x 60″

"Four Play" - Oil on canvas - 60" x 40"

“Four Play” – Oil on canvas – 60″ x 40″

“Vortex” – Oil on Canvas – 48″w x 66″h

“Rapture” – Oil on Canvas – 48″w x 60″h

“Breathe” – Oil on Canvas – 48″h x 54″w

"Youth" - Oil on canvas - 42" x 54"

“Youth” – Oil on canvas – 42″ x 54″

"Like a Walk at the Beach" - Oil on Canvas - 60"w x 40"h

“Like a Walk at the Beach” – Oil on Canvas – 60″w x 40″h

"Taking Flight" Oil on canvas - 48"x48"

“Taking Flight” Oil on canvas – 48″x 48″

"Lyrical Light" - Oil on Canvas - 60"w x 40"h

“Lyrical Light” – Oil on Canvas – 60″w x 40″h

Gabrielle St. George


Artist Statement

I always find myself completely awestruck by the brilliant colour pallets and perfect composition of intertwined branches, twisted tree roots, the intricate texture of wet wood grain against rough bark, the jagged wings of a turkey vulture or twiggy legs of a heron set against the clouds. I ritually stop at the river to watch the water rush over the rock patterns and listen to the songs they sing. I stand still and quiet basking in the abundance of Nature’s gifts, overwhelmed by the boundless creativity surrounding me. I revel in appreciation and I ask the Creator of this wondrous art what I can possibly give Her in return. How can I serve? And the Wind always whispers the same answer—Share. Remind those who’ve forgotten to see the beauty. Paint the awareness of this moment, the energy of this magnificence. And although I know that my most successful painting can never amount to more than a faint echo of Nature’s art, if I am able to remind even one person to awake and see the beauty surrounding them and if by chance they are further inspired to look within, to reconnect and feel the true source of infinite beauty which dwells at the core of every human—the world of things a mere reflection of this beauty—then I have succeeded as an artist.


As a Fine Arts major at York University and the University of Toronto Gabrielle studied Dance, Theatre and Film. She taught and danced professionally, appeared on the stage and screen and has had over one hundred hours of television writing produced and broadcast in Canada, the United States and throughout the rest of the world. Even so the form of creative expression that makes Gabrielle come most fully alive is painting.

The oversize, raw, highly textured abstract canvasses that Gabrielle paints on the floor using large tools are infused with her unbridled passion for Nature. Energy and emotion explode on her canvasses with small respites of breathing space lain in.

“I love Abstract because although the painting doesn’t change you can see something different every time you look at it. In abstract art you’re allowed to, you’re meant to, interact with the art and together painting and viewer create a feeling. It’s a different experience for everyone and often for the same viewer when they return to the painting at another time, in another frame of mind, a different person than they were when they looked at it last.”

Gabrielle has studied painting under Lila Lewis Irving, Lydia Panart, Mary Wood and Sandy Brand.



"Flame" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"

"Drift" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"


"Reef" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"

"Sol" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"


RoseMarie Nicolucci





"Feel the Glow" - Acrylic on canvas -

“Feel the Glow” – Acrylic on canvas -

"Cosmic Interiors" - Alkilyd poured onto raw canvas

“Cosmic Interiors” – Alkilyd poured onto raw canvas


"Pink Haze" - acrylic on canvas -

“Pink Haze” – acrylic on canvas -



"Reverie" - Acrylic on canvas -

“Reverie” – Acrylic on canvas -

"Into the Unknown" Triptych- Acrylic on canvas-

“Into the Unknown” Triptych- Acrylic on canvas-


"Odyssey" - Acrylic on canvas-

“Odyssey” – Acrylic on canvas-

"Source" - Acrylic on canvas-

“Source” – Acrylic on canvas-

"Fire Rock" - Acrylic on canvas-

“Fire Rock” – Acrylic on canvas-


"Solar Flare 1" - Acrylic on canvas-

“Solar Flare 1″ – Acrylic on canvas-

"Worlds Apart" Triptych - - Acrylic on canvas-

“Worlds Apart” Triptych – - Acrylic on canvas-


Colin Randell

Colin was born in Richmond Hill in 1975.  His family has within it a great number of artistic people, including parents whom have painted since before he was born and always encouraged art creation.  Barrie has become home after many years of travelling, living places such as Newmarket, London and Vernon B.C., all the while never faltering at keeping a sketchbook, notes and even short stories.
Colin’s work reflects the more curious, deeper dwelling eternal questions, keeping a sense of innocence, always welcoming the viewer’s interpretation.

Working with Pencil, Pen and Ink has become Colin’s focus, as images seem to flow from a different place as if channeled from world’s beyond. “I create art because it takes me out of the “Real” and into a place in which anything is possible.



"Dream Demagog" - 18"h x 24"w - Pen, Ink, Pencil

"The Ever After" - 36"w x 24"h - Pen, Ink, Pencil

"Indoctrination" - 18"w x 24"h - Pen, Ink, Pencil


Jack McAdam

Mindscape V

“Mindscape V” acrylic on board – 42 x 71

Jack McAdam has been drawing, drafting and painting for the past forty years. As a graduate of the Northern Vocational Institute four-year art course, Jack began his professional career in the Scenic Department at the CBC Television Network executing backdrops and sets for numerous studio shows. During that period, he also painted backdrops for the National Ballet of Canada, located in the St. Lawrence Market and numerous scenic effects for many local theatre shows.In 1976, he moved to California to design the award-winning “Dick Van Dyke Comedy Hour” at CBS. Jack has lived and worked in Los Angeles for the past twenty-five years where he produced, directed and designed for network television, feature films, theatre, and international theme park projects.

Jack’s large colorful paintings have been seen on such shows as “Generations,” a drama which he produced for NBC, and “Family Passions,” for NDF in Germany, plus the “Super Dave” specials from Las Vegas for Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

In 2005, Jack moved from California back to Canada with his wife Anne. Encouraged by a lively art scene and natural beauty they bought a home in Barrie. It has been an interesting and rewarding journey as Jack continues to execute large canvases and drawings in a variety of mixed medias.


“Depths” – 36″w x 48″h – Acrylic on board

Mindscape III

“Mindscape III” acrylic on board – 36 x 48

Moonlight Sails

“Moonlight Sails” Acrylic on board – 36 x 48

"Safe Harbour" Acrylic on board - 24 x 24

“Safe Harbour” Acrylic on board – 24 x 24


“Practicalities” Acrylic on board – 30 x 25

Mindscape IV

“Mindscape IV” Acrylic on canvas – 60 x 48

"Blue on Blue" wood and acrylic - 30 x 30

“Blue on Blue” wood and acrylic – 30 x 30

"Tempest" Acrylic - 30" x 40"

“Tempest” Acrylic – 30″ x 40″

"Triumph" Acrylic - 30" x 40"

“Triumph” Acrylic – 30″ x 40″

"Sailing the Bay" Acrylic - 30" x 40"

“Sailing the Bay” Acrylic – 30″ x 40″

"Gina" Acrylic – 24” x 36”

“Gina” Acrylic – 24” x 36”


Louise Thompson


“Algonquin Outlook” – Acrylic on Canvas – 16″w x 24″h- SOLD

is a primarily self-taught fine artist who has exhibited in several juried shows in Southern Ontario. Through her colourful landscapes she portrays the joy and energy that surround us all in the natural environment.
Louise was born to a military family in Germany. At the age of three, the family moved to Ontario, eventually settling in the Barrie area. At the age of ten, her grandmother gave her a real grown up birthday present – an oil-painting kit, complete with an easel. A delightful gift! She continued to paint in oils for many years. Later, Louise moved to the Alliston area, where the lush beauty of the hills and farms continues to influence her today. Working mainly in acrylics now, she looks forward to many years of expressing the beauty around her in colour. Oh, and the easel? It’s still in use, battered, paint splattered, and a lot shorter than it used to be, but still much loved.

“Glade at Cooper Falls” – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″w x 30″h

“Reflections III” – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″h x 30″w

“Water World” – Acrylic on Canvas – 16″h x 20″w


“Awenda Shoreline” – Acrylic on Canvas – 12″h x 24″w

“Reflections II” – Acrylic on Canvas – 48″h x 36″w


Barb Ritchie

There is always a painting in progress on Barb Ritchie’s easel as she works from her home studio in Barrrie, Ontario. She is also an avid on location painter in the local area or while travelling. Panoramic landscapes, backyard birds and animals, still life settings and people are all subjects she enjoys capturing.
Barb is best known for her soft pastels, watercolour and oils. She has recently added acrylics to this list and now includes instuction in this medium when teaching workshops and classes.
Barb is a signature member of Pastel Artists Canada and an active member of the Barrie Art Club. Each year she enjoys exhibiting in juried, group and solo exhibitions. Several of Barb’s paintings have earned awards and her work has been collected across Canada as well as in other countries.






"Path to a Sitting Rock" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24"w x 36"h

"Marsh Dweller" - Acrylic on Canvas - 15"w x 30"h

"A Good Sailing Day" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24"w x 48"h

"Exuberance" - Acrylic on Canvas - 24"w x 48"h

"Sea Breezes" - Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 30"

"Fall Fields" - Acrylic on Canvas - 12"h x 48"w



Hala Saab worked in the Information Technology sector for many years and has travelled extensively during her career. She is now a full time artist painting landscapes and abstracts in oils and acrylics. Her inspiration comes from her beautiful surroundings. Early influences included artists in her family and the early years of impressionism.

Hala is a member of the BaySide Artists.





"Patches" - Acrylic on Canvas - 48"w x 36"h


"Misty Fall" - Acrylic on Canvas - 36"h x 48"w


"Fog in Autumn" - Acrylic on Canvas - 36"h x 48"w


"Amazing Grace" - Acrylic on Canvas - 36" x 36"


"The Tip" - Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 30"


"Rhapsody in Blue" - Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 30"




“Lumiere-d’automne” – Acrylic on wood – 24″w x 20″h

Christine Nadeau

Born in Quebec in 1964, Christine Nadeau is a resident of Boisbriand. She has a background in visual arts and psychology. After working several years in the graphic arts, she now devotes herself completely to her art.
One free stroke and a range of bright warm colors, clearly reflects the personality of this passionate artist. Her interest in art and the human observation supports a significant body of work that’s full of life. She particularly likes landscapes and figurative scenes. The medium used is acrylic.

She is now involved in many major exhibitions and symposiums and her works are found in several galleries in Quebec and Canada. In 2009, she participated in exhibitions in Britain and Northern Quebec.

In 2010 she was part of a Canadian delegation of artists that was presented at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

Her works are now represented in Paris at the Galerie Art et Miss.

“Lumière des Éboulements” – Acrylic on canvas – 22″ h x 28″w


“L’arrivée des beaux jours” – acrylic on canvas – 30″ h x 36″w

“Le Pont Couvert” – acrylic on canvas – 18″h x 20 1/2″w


Laura den Hertog


"Sunlit Curves" - Oil on Canvas - 24" x 24"

Hailing from Montreal where French and English cultures form a unique blend, Laura den Hertog creates a duet of past and present in her work.
  The seed of an artist was sown when at age six den Hertog’s Dutch parents took her to see the art museums of the Netherlands. Growing up in an eclectic household where everyone was always doing something creative and where craftsmanship, ingenuity and skill were supreme, is it any wonder that she gravitated towards time honored painting techniques?
  Laura studied commercial art at Dawson College in Montreal and spent her early years working in illustration and design. While this prevented “Starving artist syndrome” it did not allow her to create the kind of magic inherent in traditional paintings.
  Laura now puts her considerable energy into creating paintings where past meets present, where people and things are timeless and the land is pristine.


A Note from the artist:

I have never been satisfied with making art for beauty’s sake alone.

“Astral Glow”-Oil on Canvas-24″x 24″

I much prefer to imbue my work with a narrative, weaving a story through symbols, color and body language.  My landscapes invite you to walk a path, follow the river’s edge to nature’s perfection or look upward into a vast and ever changing sky. My still life paintings blend nature and man (or woman) in the form of food, to feed the body and soul.

My figurative work draws on my experiences as well as stories told by others, each with it’s own tale to tell.




"Headland" - Oil on Canvas - 12" x 12"

"A Study in Contrasts" - Oil on Canvas - 18"h x 36"w

Eleanor Brownridge


“I’ve chosen glass as my medium because it is so dynamic. The finished art is always changing. Daylight through a window transforms translucent red into gold; intensifies blues and reveals the complexity of browns. Clear bevels fracture a sunbeam into a rainbow. At night, room light

bounces off an opaque sculpture; the patterns on transparent bowls are mirrored on the table. “This interplay of light and medium is also what mesmerizes me as I look at nature’s patterns particularly the trees in the Pretty River Valley. Therefore in my designs, by choosing glass of varying intensity, colour and texture; and by manipulating the glass at molten temperatures, I try to replicate the movement and chameleon nature of the world around me. “I particularly like to use “combed glass” in my designs. This is created by heating mixtures of variously-coloured glass pieces until molten (about 1700F). Then, protected by a welder’s mask, leather apron and asbestos gloves, I open the kiln and stir the glass with a poker. At that point the glass is red hot so I don’t know what the effect will be until the glass cools. I can guarantee that no two pieces will be alike!”



Mary Lynne Atkinson

Originally a native of Toronto, I migrated north and have lived inthe Barrie area since 1971. I retired in 2000 and began to pursue my love of arts. I started by joining the life drawing group at the MacLaren and am still a Tuesday night “regular”. More recently, I have taken painting classes with John Anderson and Tony Bianco. I am fascinated by the rich colours and textures of oil paint.
Currently a selection of my life drawings and oil paintings are on exhibit at Painter’s Hall until March 2009.





I am drawn to the environment and my affinity to nature inspires me to paint in order to portray the beauty around me. Capturing a fleeting a time and space on a canvas is the ultimate challenge for me. As a painter, my goal is to capture the essence of the object and present it to the viewer in order to share my experience with the viewer. The act of painting and drawing allows me to interiorize a view, a time, a space whose beauty inspired me. It permits me to create a sense of permanence and revisit what is essentially an ephemeral experience.



2008 Exhibits and Awards
First Prize – Fine Art Category – Coldwater Gallery Juried Show
Honourable Mention – John B. Aird Gallery -Toronto
The Lindsay Gallery Annual Juried Show
Hartley Woodside Pottery Gallery – Dreamscapes
Groovy Tuesday’s Bistro – An Appetite for Life
Mary Lynne Atkinson

Sheila Bristow

My art is a mixture of realism as well as impressionistic.
This seems to help accentuate the large flowers I paint. Having been surrounded by large gardens and greenhouses most of my life, has filled my head
with a multitude of pictures yet to be painted. Acrylic and oil seem to give the
paintings a glow that can’t be accomplished with any other medium; in this
series of mainly Hollyhocks. I called this series “Hollyhocks+” since there are
other flowers sometimes included. It is an ongoing series, which I plan on continuing as long as people enyoy seeing them.





Beverly Pearl

Rigid materials flow together to excite the eye with harmonious colour in creations that will last for millennia. The limitations imposed by the medium are both its challenge and its strength in the hands of mosaic artist, Beverly Pearl.
Beverly uses a variety of styles and media to create and present her art. Almost anything can be turned into something artistic, interesting and amusing.
She usually uses bright colours to render scenes from nature and flights of fancy in stone, tile and glass. Whether it’s a picture hanging on the wall, a backsplash, floor or three dimensional object, this artwork adds an air of contemporary elegance to its surroundings.
When holding workshops in Mosaic Design, Beverly tailors the classes to the needs of her students. They all take home useful and beautiful objects which they made themselves. “I’ve had people ask if they could render that priceless, family heirloom
that was recently broken into something that they would treasure for generations to come, rather than throw it away. The answer is a resounding YES!”, said Beverly, who believes that we are only as alive as our sense of humor.
“I encourage people to create things that are an extension of themselves, in their own style. I can show them what to use and how to use it, and give a few tips on design if that’s useful. What it’s really about is encouraging their heart to come through the work. Art is an enriching experience.”
For most of her years as an artist, Beverly worked in pencil, oil and acrylic for a realistic effect. In recent years, she has branched out into multimedia and abstract.
Beverly has had an opportunity to travel and sketch extensively. She has left pencil portraits hanging in Iceland, Tobaggo, England, Greece
and Russia. After returning to Canada, she studied Chinese Pen Painting. Beverly describes taking an assignment, living for one winter in a secluded, rustic farm house, without plumbing and central heat. She describes this as an opportunity to focus on her oil painting. All of her winter’s works from this time are now in living rooms across Canada.
“My best inspiration comes from my children,” says Beverly, who lives in Ontario, Canada with her three sons. The boys occasionally act as models. Sometimes they even get involved. When her eldest son brought home a frame, his project in wood shop at high school, Beverly finished it as a work of art. They have since sold other sculptures which they worked on together.

"Sunrise in the Mountains" 16"w x 21"h


Annie Pauletto

Artist Story


My journey started with a God encounter that revealed how special I was and that I was created unique in his Sons image.I was therefore able to see and accept his original design of who I was through his eyes. God gave me the gift of creativity to bring healing and freedom to my heart. It was a life changing moment for me and one I like to share. In my art you find deep spiritual meaning, flow, movement, depth and energy between its many layers. This includes messages that will enlighten your heart and soul. Those who view my paintings often say… they experience deep life changing spiritual encounters. In my paintings people can feel a sense of peace and love that transcends through the use of flow, movement, and rhythm that come together in perfect harmony.


Annie Pauletto is an emerging fine artist! Her style is figurative abstract. Her inspiration is God inspired. She loves to paint the wind, water and fire. She has experienced divine encounters while painting. She has also had others share with her their personal God encounters while viewing her art.
Her art work has been found in restaurants in the Grey Bruce Region. She has also painted a mural in an alley way for a local restaurant called the Bleeding Carrot located in Owen Sound.
She has been interviewed as a guest artist on the Tv Show :called ( The Georgian Bay Arts.) Broad casted by Rogers cable Tv in Collingwood Ontario in spring 2014.

Her painting called ‘The Gaze’ was also used for commercials use by Rogers cable TV.

Annie has also produced works for a film and a novel in ‘The Colors of Emily’ by M.T. Arnold; a story of a beautiful blind artist befriended by a mysterious art collector. (In a faith based drama.) Coming to theatres in 2015.


"The Gaze" - Acrylic on canvas - 48"w x 24"h

“The Gaze” – Acrylic on canvas – 48″w x 24″h

"Spirit and Bride" - Acrylic on canvas - 40"w x 30"h

“Spirit and Bride” – Acrylic on canvas – 40″w x 30″h





Michele Rose

Born just outside of London, England, in the beautiful rolling hills of Essex County. Michele Rose has been using her creative forces from a very young age. Moving to Canada in 1982 and studying at The Ontario College Of Art, it was only a number a years after this that Michele found her true love – painting inspirational landscapes and florals. Truely inspired by the quaintness of her homeland and the vastness and beauty of Canada, Michele continues to create serene masterpieces. Michele’s aim in this busy hectic world of ours is to create peaceful, calming landscapes where one could just let themselves escape into. Currently Michele is working on a collection of works of York Region, this wonderful countryside is quickly disappearing from right in front of our eyes. Michele hopes to catch these magical landscapes on canvas forever.



A Day in the Country




Cory Manley

My art is always centered on some sort of human perspective.  From thoughts and feelings, to gestures and emotions.  Art is my gateway to interpret life.  By examining expressions, exploring emotions, finding what makes someone so unique but also so familiar. This is how I connect, how I empathize, and how I relate, not only as an individual but also as a part of humanity.  I believe by continuing to pursue these observations, I will continue to grow as an artist, and more importantly as a person.


Received Bachelors
of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Installation from the Ontario College of Art and
Design University, or OCAD U, in Toronto, Ontario.





Sheila and Greg Neuman

Greg and Sheila are a husband and wife team that have been married for over 25 years.  From the beginning of their friendship at 10 years old, art has been something they have shared together for the last 35 years.
Both Greg and Sheila have had a love for art from an early age.  Greg’s artistic talent has taken him into theatre, public speaking, professional figure skating for 8 years and artistic drawing.  Sheila’s artistic talent has also taken her into theatre, public speaking and artistic drawing.
Both of them were chosen in high school to be a part of a special art class handpicked by Dr. Josiah Salas, a professional University art instructor.  This is where a strong foundation for their art was established.
Although for years their art was mainly used for gifts it was not considered to be taken seriously until 1994 in Newfoundland when they needed an alternate income source.  After a few shows it was clear that this was something they enjoyed doing and would pursue further.
With all 3 of their sons grown and on their own, it is now the time to create the works that they have longed to do for years.  Greg and Sheila currently pastor big church. in Barrie, Ontario .  Out of their love for God and His creation, they desire to bring glory to Him through their paintings.  Two characteristics that can be seen in all their works are “Light” and “Life”.

They hope you enjoy what you see!


"The Boat" - Oil on Board - 18"w x 24"h - Greg Neuman


"New Beginnings" - Oil on Board - 10"w x 14"h - Greg Neuman

"Green Pastures" - Oil on Canvas - 48" h x 72"w - Sheila Neuman