• Ramos

    Kate Ramos
    Kate Ramos is the owner of the Edge Gallery. She opened the gallery on November 20 2011. She studied commercial art at George Brown College. Her professional experience roles include Graphic Design Director, gallery assistant and recently owner of an art gallery.

    She exhibited at John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Annual Barrie Spring Art Tour …

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  • GRamos

    Gary Ramos
    Gary is a self-taught artist with an interest in painting and metal work. He loves to create wind swept branches and twisted trees amongst stone and metals, and then to spend a day creating bright coloured birch trees on canvas. He has a passion for everything wild and is inspired by his wilderness get …

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  • Boucher

    “Lucky Now” – Acrylic on canvas – 24″w x 30″h

    Marie-Claude Boucher
    Artists Statement
    When it comes to perfection in art, I am a rebel in that I choose to explore originality, audacity and simplicity. When faced with a blank canvas for the first time I aim for spontaneity to allow each work to progress in its …

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  • Woodburn

    Jennifer Woodburn
    Mine is a graphic take on life. Through the relative chaos, I find the design in nature and organize it on canvas. Using line and simplifying what I see, I look for interesting shapes and colours, and explore the spaces in between. Rhythm is found, and exaggerated. With an upbeat palette and a bit …

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  • Foers

    Michael Foers
    Michael Foers was born in Yorkshire, England in 1955. He immigrated to Canada with his family as a child. Growing up in the splendor of the Canadian landscape, Foers began to paint the natural beauty that surrounded him. He worked for many years in the great North, accumulating a collection of visual images and …

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  • Luchese

    Jeanette Luchese

    An interdisciplinary artist, intertwining and cross-pollinating disciplines I explore possibilities, harmonizing diversity to a holistic focus regardless of obstacles. Creating in the spirit of the moment driven by an inner necessity dedicated to experimentation: it is the honesty within the diary of actions that fuel my passion in creating.

    I work intuitively. I am expressionistic …

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  • Poirier

    Michel Poirier
    Michel Poirier was born in 1961 in St Jean sur Richelieu,Quebec. He had his first show in Paris in 1985 at La Maison Sous Les Arbres. In 1988, he gave up his career at Ford Motor Company to pursue his art full time. From 1991 to 1994 Michel owned and operated 2 art galleries in Mont …

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  • Adams

    John Adams
    “My Passion…My Art.
    The beauty of nature is my inspiration, the big sky blanketing, the hills, the movement of the wind and of course the trees.
    My passion is traveling by motorcycle discovering the beautifully twisty roads through dense woods past streams and long stretches of farmlands. I’m lucky to live my passion and create what I call interpretative landscapes.”

    John’s passion for …

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  • Haynes

    Heather Haynes
    The work of painter Heather Haynes has been described as everything from dramatic or chaotic to unexplainably beautiful. For Haynes, however, there are no words or formulas. As she states, “I try not to think when I’m painting.” Rather she can be seen continuing
    the expressionistic tradition of being engaged in the act of painting. …

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  • Miller



    Sue Miller
    Sue is an Ontario-born artist selling her oil paintings across Canada. For the last seven years, she has spent a great deal of time in Newfoundland, a place that has captured her soul, provided infinite inspiration and created a deep respect and admiration for the place and its people.
    The ocean is a dominant …

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  • Kawala

    Elizabeth Kawala

    Elizabeth Kawala is a Canadian Artist and who paints under the pseudonym name Elka. She began creating for friends and family many years ago. In 2003 her adventure as a professional artist began with a large commission for a GTA Law Firm.
    She is proud to be a member of: – Mississauga Art Center – EBSQ artist …

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  • Guitard

    Michelle Guitard


    Artist Statement

    Rather than recreating an image on a canvas I aim to express its essence. In order to capture this richness, I work on a number of paintings concurrently. This allows me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one painting to another. I am most interested in the movement of organic …

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  • Ambros

    Ed Ambros

    Art has always been an integral part of the life of Ed Ambros. Specializing in Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, Slovak Republic gave Ed the foundation he needed to pursue his dreams. In 1968, with the political turmoil in his homeland Ed made the difficult decision to leave …

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  • TenEycke

    Barb TenEycke

    Barb currently resides in Oakville On., but spends a great deal of time at her family cottage just outside of Algonquin Park. After many years in the field of interior design and renovating, Barb now devotes herself passionately to the informal study of fine art. Barb creates original acrylic paintings on canvas. Canadian landscape …

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  • Childs

    Lora Childs
    Sculpture in Soapstone

    Lora lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

    She has been studying and worked under the tutelage of well know Canadian Sculptor, Sandy Cline for the past Five years.

    Working in a three dimensional medium has Lora constantly watching wildlife in motion in order to capture the movement of the creature in stone.

    Lora is constantly acquiring …

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  • Folks

    Eva Folks

    Being creative has always been an important part of my life. After high school I tried a variety of careers in the business world.
    Only years later did I realize that I needed a vocation with creativity so I decided to change my career path. In 1995 I started painting murals and finishes for clients in …

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  • Reid

    Peter John Reid

    Painting is a never-ending process of learning, exploring both the subject and the medium. There are times when painting seems magic: paint flows onto the canvas seemingly without thought, the hand moves in fluid motions, quickly the images take shape and come to life. The critical eye then comes into play, painting slows …

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  • Prettie

    William Prettie
    Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts “With Distinction”, University of Victoria, BC (Kelowna), 1996.

    Born in Southern Ontario, I have lived and worked all across Canada. Much of North America has been travelled repeatedly, and some of Europe was toured in 1996 with a slightly extended stay in the lovely city of Prague. Years at a …

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  • Schumacher

    Lynne Schumacher
    I was born in Toronto in 1950 and, at an early age, I discovered that art was my soul mate. I sold my first painting for 13.00 when I was 11 years old. For the first time, I felt the joy of a stranger liking my work enough to pay for it.
    After high school, …

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  • Newton

    John Newton
    John Newton is an extraordinary artist showing his work in major galleries in Ontario and New York. He has been classically trained in the arts and studied with Ray Simpson of the Angel Academy.

    John also enjoys teaching and sharing his skills with others. He is an accomplished instructor who demonstrates his lessons and offers …

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  • Freeman

    Lisa Freeman
    I have run my interior decorating business since 1986, I love my work.
    I love it even more as it pays for my passion for beads, jewellery, wire, stone…..new to creating jewellery, creating and taking apart many pieces in the last year, I feel good about showing the following pieces in my shop. You will …

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  • Churchill

    Annie Churchill


    BIOFinding beauty in each day then expressing the rhythm, color, contrast, design and emotion of those moments onto canvas with paint. I paint a variety of subjects in a variety of mediums. Landscapes in acrylic being my favorite. My landscapes are a testament to the places I have been and the places I …

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  • Wyers

    Brian Wyers
    In 1987, Brian showed the 65 faux finishing and specialty paint techniques he had learned at the Day Studio of California for the International Interior Design Exposition at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. An immediate success, he went on to specialty paint finish some of Toronto’s most famous landmark buildings and for its more …

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  • St George

    Gabrielle St. George

    Artist Statement
    I always find myself completely awestruck by the brilliant colour pallets and perfect composition of intertwined branches, twisted tree roots, the intricate texture of wet wood grain against rough bark, the jagged wings of a turkey vulture or twiggy legs of a heron set against the clouds. I ritually stop at the …

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  • Vanderhorst

    Robert Vanderhorst

    Robert is a self-taught artist with a talent inherited from his father and a technique born of a strong Dutch tradition in art. Emigrating from Holland to Canada in 1951, he now lives in Toronto, Canada. In 1979, he began publishing limited editions of his images under Vanderhorst Graphics. In 1973, he held his …

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  • Randell

    Colin Randell
    Colin was born in Richmond Hill in 1975. His family has within it a great number of artistic people, including parents whom have painted since before he was born and always encouraged art creation. Barrie has become home after many years of travelling, living places such as Newmarket, London and Vernon B.C., all the …

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  • McAdam

    Jack McAdam

    Jack McAdam has been drawing, drafting and painting for the past forty years. As a graduate of the Northern Vocational Institute four-year art course, Jack began his professional career in the Scenic Department at the CBC Television Network executing backdrops and sets for numerous studio shows. During that period, he also painted backdrops for …

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  • Gurevich

    Eduard Gurevich

    Eduard Gurevich was born in 1968 in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. In 1992 he immigrated to Canada and settled in Wasaga Beach where he lives with his wife and two children. Since 1993 Eduard runs a home-based art studio where he creates his own art as well as instructs aspiring artists of all …

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  • Thompson

    Louise Thompson

    is a primarily self-taught fine artist who has exhibited in several juried shows in Southern Ontario. Through her colourful landscapes she portrays the joy and energy that surround us all in the natural environment.
    Louise was born to a military family in Germany. At the age of three, the family moved to Ontario, eventually settling …

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  • Ritchie

    Barb Ritchie
    There is always a painting in progress on Barb Ritchie’s easel as she works from her home studio in Barrrie, Ontario. She is also an avid on location painter in the local area or while travelling. Panoramic landscapes, backyard birds and animals, still life settings and people are all subjects she enjoys capturing. Barb …

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  • Hitchins

    Wendy Hitchins
    I love making lampwork beads. My ideal day would be to make beads all day. I’m a self-taught lampworker but have recently studied with Corinna Tetinger and James Smirchich. I live in Drouin, Victoria, Australia with my husband, Barry.It gives me great pleasure to create my unique pieces and even greater pleasure to see …

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  • Mestres

    Victoria Mestres
    Award winning Mosaic Artist, Art Teacher, Interior Decorator, multilingual and former Marketing Executive Victoria Mestres B.A. is reinventing the art of mosaics for our modern life style, one piece at a time, creating useful and absolutely unique gift and decor items for your bathrooms, kitchens, tables, floors, backsplashes, inside homes, cottages, restaurants and commercial …

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  • Saab


    Hala Saab worked in the Information Technology sector for many years and has travelled extensively during her career. She is now a full time artist painting landscapes and abstracts in oils and acrylics. Her inspiration comes from her beautiful surroundings. Early influences included artists in her family and the early years of impressionism.
    Hala is …

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  • Schienke

    Ingrid Schienke
    Ingrid was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1960. Her interest in art developed at an early age and by the time she finished secondary school,

    spent much of her time completing commissions from fellow classmates and friends. Upon graduation, Ingrid enrolled in the Illustration program at Sheridan College where she studied Printmaking, Painting and Design. Following college, she began …

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  • Nadeau


    “Lumiere-d’automne” – Acrylic on wood – 24″w x 20″h

    Christine Nadeau
    Born in Quebec in 1964, Christine Nadeau is a resident of Boisbriand. She has a background in visual arts and psychology. After working several years in the graphic arts, she now devotes herself completely to her art.
    One free stroke and a range of bright warm colors, …

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  • Hertog

    Laura den Hertog
    Hailing from Montreal where French and English cultures form a unique blend, Laura den Hertog creates a duet of past and present in her work. The seed of an artist was sown when at age six den Hertog’s Dutch parents took her to see the art museums of the Netherlands. Growing up …

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  • Brownridge

    Eleanor Brownridge

    “I’ve chosen glass as my medium because it is so dynamic. The finished art is always changing. Daylight through a window transforms translucent red into gold; intensifies blues and reveals the complexity of browns. Clear bevels fracture a sunbeam into a rainbow. At night, room light
    bounces off an opaque sculpture; the patterns on …

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  • Atkinson

    Mary Lynne Atkinson
    Originally a native of Toronto, I migrated north and have lived inthe Barrie area since 1971. I retired in 2000 and began to pursue my love of arts. I started by joining the life drawing group at the MacLaren and am still a Tuesday night “regular”. More recently, I have taken painting classes …

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  • Bristow

    Sheila Bristow

    My art is a mixture of realism as well as impressionistic. This seems to help accentuate the large flowers I paint. Having been surrounded by large gardens and greenhouses most of my life, has filled my head

    with a multitude of pictures yet to be painted. Acrylic and oil seem to give the paintings …

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  • Pearl

    Beverly Pearl
    Rigid materials flow together to excite the eye with harmonious colour in creations that will last for millennia. The limitations imposed by the medium are both its challenge and its strength in the hands of mosaic artist, Beverly Pearl.Beverly uses a variety of styles and media to create and present her art. Almost anything …

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  • Rose

    Michele Rose
    Born just outside of London, England, in the beautiful rolling hills of Essex County. Michele Rose has been using her creative forces from a very young age. Moving to Canada in 1982 and studying at The Ontario College Of Art, it was only a number a years after this that Michele found her true …

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  • Manley

    Cory Manley
    My art is always centered on some sort of human perspective. From thoughts and feelings, to gestures and emotions. Art is my gateway to interpret life. By examining expressions, exploring emotions, finding what makes someone so unique but also so familiar. This is how I connect, how I empathize, and how I relate, not …

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  • Neuman

    Sheila and Greg Neuman
    Greg and Sheila are a husband and wife team that have been married for over 25 years. From the beginning of their friendship at 10 years old, art has been something they have shared together for the last 35 years.Both Greg and Sheila have had a love for art from an early …

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