List of Artists




Rachael Bradbury

Rachel moved to Ontario as a young woman seeking a new beginning and autonomy, she grew up in Montreal, Quebec. She found her way, as an adult, by raising her two boys and working at odd jobs for many years. She began to paint in 2004 to express her thoughts and to rest from the realities of day to day living. She initiated her formal training at Georgian College in Barrie in 2005. Her studies of the Fine Art guided her through many disciplines and in this process she found her strength in painting and sculpting.
Within her work she likes to deal with the abstract and the textural qualities of paint, paper, metal and found materials. She feels a great need to create environment within her imagery that are methodical and well thought-out. The use of design and patterning is an important element of her compositions. Each piece of work was born out of truths such as strength, laughter, passion, belonging and community and was created in most by deep self evaluation and intuition.
Rachel’s art is her effort to connect the living experiences and the thoughts experienced with them. The work is the observations of connecting these thoughts and motivations, searching to understand their results. She is probing these tangible lessons and she wants her work to help her share some simple lessons learned by experience. Ultimately, for her, it is the lesson that proves itself the most valuable.



Carver Girl

Sculpture in Soapstone

Lora lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

She has been studying and worked under the tutelage of well know Canadian Sculptor, Sandy Cline for the past Five years.

Working in a three dimensional medium has Lora constantly watching wildlife in motion in order to capture the movement of the creature in stone.

Lora is constantly acquiring and carving soapstone from all over the world as each area’s stone has unique characteristics.

Lora spends much of her time in Florida which is represented in the Gulf Coast creatures that she often carves. All carvings are bathed in a beeswax finish to nourish and protect the stone. This technique was used by Egyptian sculptors to preserve soapstone carvings before being placed in the Pharaoh’s tombs.




Rose Cook

Local artist Rose Cook has had a passion for art since she was a child. As a student in the Georgian College Fine Arts program, Rose enjoyed blending acrylics and watercolours to achieve different effects in her work.

After a time away from art to raise her family, Rose returned to painting 6 years ago. After two years working in acrylics she switched to oils and under the watchful eye of John Anderson, developed her own style in landscape and floral motif.

Rose is a member of the Barrie Art Club and continues to work with local master painters in the quest to expand her technique and artistic versatility.




Vone Emerson

Welcome to – my little piece of the internet, to share all that inspires me.
But first things first – it’s Vone, which rhymes with phone, or tone, or cone. But it doesn’t rhyme with Vaughn, or gone, or one. :-)

I’m an artist, and a crafter, and an amateur photographer. I love creating beautiful things, and sharing them with friends and through my blog. I hope you find something here that inspires you, and that you’ll pass it along by sharing with the world.

I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. And I love making things for the people that matter most in my life – my two beautiful daughters and my husband. I hope you enjoy our adventures, or at least get a chuckle out of some of the things we try.

I’m a designer and a sewer, who graduated from the School of Fashion at Ryerson University and worked for over a decade as a product developer for a variety of Canadian retailers and manufacturers. And now, instead of boring pajamas for page 212 of some catalog, I’m designing for myself!

Hip Lil’ Kid is my online store for children’s clothes and accessories. You can find it here: RENEW by Vone is my online store for women’s handbags, accessories, and jewellery. You can find it here:

If you have questions, thoughts, or a custom request – don’t hesitate to contact me!




Christine Gibbens

Christine Gibbens Original Glass Designs One of a Kind





Mary Gomes









Pat Guinn

Two years after I retired from teaching in 2001, I decided to formally study painting and drawing at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario while living in a lovely rural setting in Oro-Medonte.  My images have won awards at local fairs, I continue to exhibit in juried shows, and I welcome opportunities to create on a commissioned basis.  As a member of the Barrie Art Club, Orillia Fine Arts Association, and Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts in Collingwood, my works are exhibited in various venues.
To focus on human or animal subjects is my preference, my goal being to capture the spirituality of God’s creations with a realistic likeness.  Landscapes and flowers, magnificent examples of God’s powers, often become the focus of my artistic imagery, but I will attempt a humourous subject from time to time.  While graphite emphasizes the primitive lights and shadows, acrylics, oils and pastels allow me the chance to explore colourful glories of the living spirit.  Time passes.  I preserve precious moments.






Peter Heinonen








Carol Howe

I come from a family of crafters, so creating comes naturally to me.  As a little girl, my mother taught me how to sew my own doll clothes and knit a scarf.  As my creating passion grew, I took up needlework and candlemaking.

I was introduced to jewellery making, once again, by my mother.  On her trips down south for the winter, she would learn the techniques and bring home her finished products.  Each year was looking more and more interesting, so I tried it myself.





Sasha Hynds

Through my art, I strive to express the awareness of Oneness and deep love I experience in nature. This feeling of fullness, abundance and aliveness that is so hard to verbalize, and the beautiful mystery of it all.








John Jacquemain

From the time of my first camera at age 12 I have been involved in photographing people and the world around me.  This interest is expressed in Social Documentary photography, Environmental Portraiture and Fine Art Composite images exploring the Human Condition.

My photographs including Landscape, Black and White, and Infrared images are found in private collections in Canada and abroad.  As a full time professor, I have taught photography at both Canadore College in North Bay and in the Digital Imaging Program at Georgian College.

Over the years I have participated in solo and group exhibitions at Georgian College, University of Toronto, Coldwater Galley, MacLaren Art Centre and Orillia Museum of Art and History.  My book titles include “Simcoe County Churches”, “Dominican Diary”, “Dominican Revisited” and “Losing Face…and Other Magical Moments.”






Jan Jordan

Hand made children clothing








Mary Lucky

Nature photography featuring unique and beautiful photo greeting cards, fridge magnets, prints and photographs on canvas.






Corey Manley

My art is always centered on some sort of human perspective.  From thoughts and feelings, to gestures and emotions.  Art is my gateway to interpret life.  By examining expressions, exploring emotions, finding what makes someone so unique but also so familiar. This is how I connect, how I empathize, and how I relate, not only as an individual but also as a part of humanity.  I believe by continuing to pursue these observations, I will continue to grow as an artist, and more importantly as a person.


Received Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Installation from the Ontario College of Art and Design University, or OCAD U, in Toronto, Ontario.






Colette Mesdag

Colette  Mesdag is a photographer, abstract artist, teacher and keynote speaker who now fulfills a long time goal of adding author to this list.He
r work and speaking topics focus around creativity and inspirational imagery and messages.

Mystic has been a 10 year long image project and is now being featured in a series of inspirational cards and the companion and guide book.



Victoria Mestres

Award winning Mosaic Artist, Art Teacher, Interior Decorator, multilingual and former Marketing Executive Victoria Mestres B.A. is reinventing the art of mosaics for our modern life style, one piece at a time, creating useful and absolutely unique gift and decor items for your bathrooms, kitchens, tables, floors, backsplashes, inside homes, cottages, restaurants and commercial spaces…
Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Victoria played, as a child, inside-out the magnificent mosaic Parc Guell, created by Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi. Her family moved to Montreal, making her fully multilingual, in Catalan, Spanish, French and English by the age of forteen. She later pursued a Marketing-Advertising career in the corporate world, also following her passion in dance and the visual Arts.
She has been creating Art, painting with coffee, decorating restaurants and private homes with modern mosaics for over a decade and has served Montreal, Vancouver, Barrie, Toronto, the Muskokas and Simcoe County communities. Her passion is creating unique designs, transmitting and teaching the Art of Mosaics. She loves teaching children, adults, and people with disabilities, encouraging them to find their ‘creative self’, while making magnificent pieces in the Art world.



Victoria Potter


I have named myself Morningwhispers as a pseudonym for all of my pieces of art. I have chosen this name many years ago. It came to me while sitting on a porch in a remote place sipping coffee, where even the Morningwhispers could be heard. Immediately I fell in love with the soft sound of this name and have adapted this pseudonym as my new name as an artist.

Definition: Pseudonym – A fictitious name for a

person or thing. When used as the name of a person, a pseudonym may or may not have been legally adopted in place of that person’s original name.






Elena Powell

All our items are hand crafted with special attention to the quality and detail, designs are unique and many are one of kind, made in Canada.  You will find jewellry made out of genuine gemstones, fire polished glass and Swarovski crystals, as well as polymer clay, Sterling silver and enamel. Enjoy your shopping with us!





Kate Ramos

Kate Ramos is the owner of the Edge Gallery. She opened the gallery on November 20 2011. She studied commercial art at George Brown College. Her professional experience roles include Graphic Design Director, gallery assistant and recently owner of an art gallery.
She exhibited at John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Annual Barrie Spring Art Tour winning the Peoples Choice Award for banner, Markham Theater and her festival shows are Kempenfest, Hamilton, Molson Christmas winning best in show.
She is represented by Loft Gallery, Clarksburg and at The Edge Gallery, Barrie.
Kate Ramos is a member of Artists in Canada Saskatoon,, BaySide Artists, Barrie Art Club. She is part of the Toronto City Hall public collection.

Painting is what I love to do. I painted as far back as I can remember and have painted professionally for eleven years. I am a nature lover, spending hundreds of hours canoeing and camping into remote areas. I am a Canadian artist who paints realistic wildlife and abstracts. My paintings and ideas are inspired by nature and animals. I spend much time in the northern wilds of Canada. I love to sit and imagine an old tree’s thoughts. Some of my paintings are a result of these imaginings.



Colin Randell

Colin was born in Richmond Hill in 1975.  His family has within it a great number of artistic people, including parents whomhave painted since before he was born and always encouraged art creation.  Barrie has become home after many years of travelling, living places such as Newmarket, London and Vernon B.C., all the while never faltering at keeping a sketchbook, notes and even short stories.
Colin’s work reflects the more curious, deeper dwelling eternal questions, keeping a sense of innocence, always welcoming the viewer’s interpretation.

Working with Pencil, Pen and Ink has become Colin’s focus, as images seem to flow from a different place as if channeled from world’s beyond. “I create art because it takes me out of the “Real” and into a place in which anything is possible.






Marg Robertson

Jewelry and scarves.








Terry Robus







Parkview Seniors

Seniors 55+

There’s no age limit on staying active in the City of Barrie. The Allandale 55+ Centre and the Parkview Centre for 55+ offer quality recreation, education and fitness opportunities along with events and workshops for individuals 55 years of age and better.





Barbara Stofast

Barbara Stofast’s art incorporates natural and found materials into organic works that engage the eye and make your fingers itch to explore the highly textured surfaces. Each piece begins with no strict plan and executed itinerary; instead every creation is a journey of exploration and archaeology.  Her canvases evolve to completion through a cycle of creating and responding, making and uncovering, discovery and invention.




Kari Vanderloos








Anja Wildner

Born in Stuttgart Germany. Came to Canada in 1977. Graduated from OCAD Ontario College of Art & Design 1996. My passion is abstract art. My inspirations have been Van Gogh, his vibrant use of color and brushstrokes. Other inspirations are Kandinsky, Pollock and Picasso.

Art is somewhat a science, you experiment and you develop something new. Something you do not expect.

It could be, A Thought, A Vision, A Moment.

But at the end there is something that draws you.

As you look at my work you will see unusual things. I hope you see those unusual things like I have. I hope you enjoy what you see and embrace what I have through my work.

Not one piece is the same. Every one piece is unique in its own way.

My inspirations and what I embrace is nature and their surroundings. All

the colours and textures that I see everyday are unbelievable. Truly wonderful visions.