Beth Garner

Emotion is what life is all about and Beth endeavours to capture that in her paintings. She strives to evoke an emotional connection with the viewer so that they might see a bit of the world through her eyes. Realism is not the goal, rather an alternative viewpoint on the everyday things that surround us all.

No Subject is seen in the same way by any two people and Beth enjoys celebrating that difference. To her, this is what an artist’s gift to the world is. The chanllenge of taking inanimate objects such as canvas and paint and creating a moment in time, a sense of space, a feeling, it’s what inspires her.

Beth is a sef taught artist who paints from the heart. Her work is primarily oil on canvas.

Beth was born and raised in Dundas, Ontario and moved to Barrie in 1983. She and her husband John have two grown children. Their daughter Katy is a Police Officer in Toronto and their son Brett is studying to become a Sound Engineer. They enjoy life these days with their two Bernese Mountain dogs, Sadie and Sam who keep them very active.

“Splendor” – oil on canvas- 30″h x 60″w


“Shades of a Dream” – Oil on canvas – 48″w x 60″h