Sheila and Greg Neuman

Greg and Sheila are a husband and wife team that have been married for over 25 years.  From the beginning of their friendship at 10 years old, art has been something they have shared together for the last 35 years.
Both Greg and Sheila have had a love for art from an early age.  Greg’s artistic talent has taken him into theatre, public speaking, professional figure skating for 8 years and artistic drawing.  Sheila’s artistic talent has also taken her into theatre, public speaking and artistic drawing.
Both of them were chosen in high school to be a part of a special art class handpicked by Dr. Josiah Salas, a professional University art instructor.  This is where a strong foundation for their art was established.
Although for years their art was mainly used for gifts it was not considered to be taken seriously until 1994 in Newfoundland when they needed an alternate income source.  After a few shows it was clear that this was something they enjoyed doing and would pursue further.
With all 3 of their sons grown and on their own, it is now the time to create the works that they have longed to do for years.  Greg and Sheila currently pastor big church. in Barrie, Ontario .  Out of their love for God and His creation, they desire to bring glory to Him through their paintings.  Two characteristics that can be seen in all their works are “Light” and “Life”.

They hope you enjoy what you see!


"The Boat" - Oil on Board - 18"w x 24"h - Greg Neuman


"New Beginnings" - Oil on Board - 10"w x 14"h - Greg Neuman

"Green Pastures" - Oil on Canvas - 48" h x 72"w - Sheila Neuman