Experience Deb Brown’s unforgettable glass and metal art, created with fire and light!! Her artworks include welded steel and glass sculptures, stained glass, dichroic glass jewellery and a brilliant collection of sculptural and functional fused glassworks.
“The goal… the goal? – to give form to the soul. Each in our own way, together a whole. I am an artist, my visions are bright. I sing silent soul songs of colour and light.”
- Deb Brown
Successful glass artist for over 20 years, Deb Brown, a resident of Horseshoe Valley, ON., began her art career as a stained glass artist, and soon gained renown for her strikingly original glass art.
In 1998 Deb learned to weld and began to create amazing indoor and outdoor metal sculptures. Fascinated by the vast potential inherent in combining the two opposite mediums, Deb also began making unforgettable sculptures which combine glass and steel!
The last few years, Deb has continued to create glass and metal sculptures, and has been enjoying exploring the process of glass fusing in a kiln. Her artistry now includes a variety of fused glass artworks, including sculptural fused glass, hand painted platters, and wearable art featuring one-of-a-kind fused Dichroic glass jewellery.
This season, Deb will continue creating a collection of “Forest Art” featuring sculptural fused glass, including pine and fir tree sculptures, luminous nature scenes, forest creatures etc. New fused glassworks will include “Luminous Tapestries” , “Beings of Light” and “Star Gazing” collections.
Deb’s artwork can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Ontario and sprinkled across Canada, the United States and Europe.




A golden dream of beauty and light . A knowing of what is possible. Fear not. Eagle medicine cradles the new world that we dream of.



The Chakana cross is a 4000 year old geometric
symbol from Peru. More than just a pretty shape,
the chikana cross is a geometric symbol which relates to the Southern Cross, a constellation in the southern sky. The clear space in the centre represents the gateway between levels of reality, and the red line  is the path to enlightenment. The angle of the line equates to the axis of the world in relation to the constellation. This representation of the Chikana depicts the
Nasca geoglyph found on a mountaintop in Peru. The bird flies along the path of awareness, following the soul’s journey.



“The Journeyman” is…A wise man. A seeker.A wanderer. A wizard.Osiris. Orion. Grandfather Sky.The journeyman is a being of light, taking the next step forward on a universal journey.