Eleanor Brownridge


“I’ve chosen glass as my medium because it is so dynamic. The finished art is always changing. Daylight through a window transforms translucent red into gold; intensifies blues and reveals the complexity of browns. Clear bevels fracture a sunbeam into a rainbow. At night, room light

bounces off an opaque sculpture; the patterns on transparent bowls are mirrored on the table. “This interplay of light and medium is also what mesmerizes me as I look at nature’s patterns particularly the trees in the Pretty River Valley. Therefore in my designs, by choosing glass of varying intensity, colour and texture; and by manipulating the glass at molten temperatures, I try to replicate the movement and chameleon nature of the world around me. “I particularly like to use “combed glass” in my designs. This is created by heating mixtures of variously-coloured glass pieces until molten (about 1700F). Then, protected by a welder’s mask, leather apron and asbestos gloves, I open the kiln and stir the glass with a poker. At that point the glass is red hot so I don’t know what the effect will be until the glass cools. I can guarantee that no two pieces will be alike!”