Heather Haynes

The work of painter Heather Haynes has been described as everything from dramatic or chaotic to unexplainably beautiful. For Haynes, however, there are no words or formulas. As she states, “I try not to think when I’m painting.” Rather she can be seen continuing
the expressionistic tradition of being engaged in the act of painting. Haynes declares, “I try to give up in the moment. That brush stroke was destined to be there, and that brush stroke was destined to be covered up, and that little bit of red that sticks out of there was meant to be there.”

It is precisely this inability to analyze her work shows the beauty of it. Her paintings of abstracted landscapes take from the natural world and are filtered through her artistic vision. The resulting images are not only sublime but transcend our everyday world and lie somewhere between the realm of the real and the imagination. The fields and tress exist on the outside in a mysterious landscape. A place the viewer is invited to journey into. Her use of lace imagery adds an interior element, reminiscent of old curtains and wallpaper. The subtle writing adds another deep interior dimension, quoting her grandfather, urging her to believe in her dreams.

A/C – Resin – 12″ x 48″

Been Around the World – A/C – Resin – 30 x 30

A/C – Resin – 30″ x 48″

Matters of the Heart – A/C- Resin- 36″ x 24″

A/C – Resin – 48 x 48