William Prettie

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts “With Distinction”, University of Victoria, BC (Kelowna), 1996.

Born in Southern Ontario, I have lived and worked all across Canada. Much of North America has been travelled repeatedly, and some of Europe was toured in 1996 with a slightly extended stay in the lovely city of Prague. Years at a time have been spent living studying and working everywhere  in Canada from Vancouver, BC, to Halifax, NS, and many places in between.
Shortly after the second world war, my parents discovered that they could not readily afford the new ‘modern’ methods of gardening. Fortunately, I gained an early interest in the ways my folks planted and have studied and practiced those ‘old fashioned’ methods ever since.
Earning a living (beyond very early experiments in sales, construction labouring and such) has ranged from entrepreneurial pursuits in home construction and remodelling, to educational administration. I have also operated and taught heavy equipment in road building and mining.
More recently, I have spent almost seven years at a diamond mine 300 kilometres by air northeast of Yellowknife, NWT. All of these life experiences have contributed to my art practice over the decades and, of course, to the underlying understandings that have been built up. My understandings are not only intellectually attained, but also come from the fact of working physically, and especially from working with others who do the same.


“Desert Wind”- enamel and plastic paint on aluminum composite 32 x 48

“Inception” – enamel and plastic paint on aluminum composite 32 x 48

" Tween Dark and Dawn"

” Tween Dark and Dawn”