Lora Childs

Sculpture in Soapstone

Lora lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

She has been studying and worked under the tutelage of well know Canadian Sculptor, Sandy Cline for the past Five years.

Working in a three dimensional medium has Lora constantly watching wildlife in motion in order to capture the movement of the creature in stone.

Lora is constantly acquiring and carving soapstone from all over the world as each area’s stone has unique characteristics.

Lora spends much of her time in Florida which is represented in the Gulf Coast creatures that she often carves. All carvings are bathed in a beeswax finish to nourish and protect the stone. This technique was used by Egyptian sculptors to preserve soapstone carvings before being placed in the Pharaoh’s tombs.

“Seed Clatch”
 ”Incense Feather”
 “Woody”  “Horned Owl”  “Curious Cat”
 “Embrace”  “Busy Beaver”  “Bashful”
 “Feathered Friends”