Gabrielle St. George


Artist Statement

I always find myself completely awestruck by the brilliant colour pallets and perfect composition of intertwined branches, twisted tree roots, the intricate texture of wet wood grain against rough bark, the jagged wings of a turkey vulture or twiggy legs of a heron set against the clouds. I ritually stop at the river to watch the water rush over the rock patterns and listen to the songs they sing. I stand still and quiet basking in the abundance of Nature’s gifts, overwhelmed by the boundless creativity surrounding me. I revel in appreciation and I ask the Creator of this wondrous art what I can possibly give Her in return. How can I serve? And the Wind always whispers the same answer—Share. Remind those who’ve forgotten to see the beauty. Paint the awareness of this moment, the energy of this magnificence. And although I know that my most successful painting can never amount to more than a faint echo of Nature’s art, if I am able to remind even one person to awake and see the beauty surrounding them and if by chance they are further inspired to look within, to reconnect and feel the true source of infinite beauty which dwells at the core of every human—the world of things a mere reflection of this beauty—then I have succeeded as an artist.


As a Fine Arts major at York University and the University of Toronto Gabrielle studied Dance, Theatre and Film. She taught and danced professionally, appeared on the stage and screen and has had over one hundred hours of television writing produced and broadcast in Canada, the United States and throughout the rest of the world. Even so the form of creative expression that makes Gabrielle come most fully alive is painting.

The oversize, raw, highly textured abstract canvasses that Gabrielle paints on the floor using large tools are infused with her unbridled passion for Nature. Energy and emotion explode on her canvasses with small respites of breathing space lain in.

“I love Abstract because although the painting doesn’t change you can see something different every time you look at it. In abstract art you’re allowed to, you’re meant to, interact with the art and together painting and viewer create a feeling. It’s a different experience for everyone and often for the same viewer when they return to the painting at another time, in another frame of mind, a different person than they were when they looked at it last.”

Gabrielle has studied painting under Lila Lewis Irving, Lydia Panart, Mary Wood and Sandy Brand.



"Flame" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"

"Drift" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"


"Reef" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"

"Sol" - Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 40"