Peter John Reid


"In the Cool of the Pool" - 30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas

Painting is a never-ending process of learning, exploring both the subject and the medium. There are times when painting seems magic: paint flows onto the canvas seemingly without thought, the hand moves in fluid motions, quickly the images take shape and come to life. The critical eye then comes into play, painting slows as final strokes approach the finished work. The first part is joy, the second part esembles work. The experience lies in knowing when to stop working. Many artists seek to find a style that is all their own, and then become a slave to it, at first exploring, then looking for motifs to which to apply it. Often the drive is the need to make a living and public acceptance. I want to explore, follow a vein, try another, blend the two, move on, come back, explore some more, move on, in hopes to always be growing as a painter. My style lies in the manner in which I move my brush, the way I work with colour and form, not in a set look. I like to follow my own truth -just need to find it. Sometimes a painting is left orphaned, failing to find its home. On a rare occasion it’s the painting’s lack of appeal :·). Often it’s one of my favourite paintings, while others, closer to the bottom of the list, find homes quickly. This has led me to the understanding that my job is to create, yours is to find what connects. It gives me joy to know when a painting finds a strong connection with someone, even if I don’t always understand that connection. Having painted in both watercolour and oil paints, the versatility of acrylic has been dominant for the last number of years. I work mostly on large canvases, for the love of the visual impact of size, which can dominate the visual field, and still allows one to get lost in the abstract of texture and details. Born in Plymouth, England, raised in Toronto, and for the last twenty-some years residing in rural Grey County in the heart of Niagara Escarpment country has provided me with a wealth of inspiration. My driving force has always been a need to create, in all mediums: wood, stone, plastic, and metal, but mostly in paint. It is much like hunger: the longer it goes without expression, the greater the outpouring of creative energy, although results aren’t guaranteed, the results become more consistent with experience. I am getting closer to my creative visions as the years go by. My goal is to become a better painter and to never stop growing. If you enjoy my work, I hope you will continue to visit my website and see my passion as I evolve through the years.


"Breathe" 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Water Colours" 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas


"Tamurac's Day in the Sun" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"The Boat House" - 36" x 48" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Tree Birches" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas



"Morning After the Storm" - 20" x 16" - Acrylic on Canvas


"In the Cool of the Pool" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Where the Road Turns" - 30" x 40" - Acrylic on Canvas

"All Candian"- 36" x 72" - Acrylic on Canvas