Sue Miller

Sue is an Ontario-born artist selling her oil paintings across Canada. For the last seven years, she has spent a great deal of time in Newfoundland, a place that has captured her soul, provided infinite inspiration and created a deep respect and admiration for the place and its people.
The ocean is a dominant theme in Sue’s imagery. “The ocean has a powerful effect on many people. For me personally, being near the Atlantic Ocean gives me a profound sense of connectedness with the earth. It has a pulse and rhythm that infiltrates my soul. At the same time though, it conjures up great contradictions…beauty and tragedy, turbulence and solace, obscurity and clarity. It is in those contradictions that I find inspiration.”
Sue’s paintings are a retrospective of the collective images in her memory. With a recent breakthrough towards abstract expressionism, her approach is very intuitive and organic, starting with a warm wash on a blank canvas, palette knife in hand, and a mind open to what the process will reveal.
The result is a painting rich in texture, with layers that leave a sense of depth and mystery, reporting the essence of a place that is both timeless and universal.
For Sue, art is a journey based on emotion and personal experience. It evolves as the artist evolves. She believes that “Authentic creation is very important. Without being trendy or contriving a gimmick, it is the only way that artists can honestly express themselves. That way, achieving fulfillment is more likely and the art speaks to viewers who are truly interested in that authenticity. The painting should create a connection between the artist and the audience.”


Oblivion oil 24×36

Transition oil 36×36

A Day On The Rock – oil 36 x 48

Naked Truth oil 48×48