Colin Randell

Colin was born in Richmond Hill in 1975.  His family has within it a great number of artistic people, including parents whom have painted since before he was born and always encouraged art creation.  Barrie has become home after many years of travelling, living places such as Newmarket, London and Vernon B.C., all the while never faltering at keeping a sketchbook, notes and even short stories.
Colin’s work reflects the more curious, deeper dwelling eternal questions, keeping a sense of innocence, always welcoming the viewer’s interpretation.

Working with Pencil, Pen and Ink has become Colin’s focus, as images seem to flow from a different place as if channeled from world’s beyond. “I create art because it takes me out of the “Real” and into a place in which anything is possible.



"Dream Demagog" - 18"h x 24"w - Pen, Ink, Pencil

"The Ever After" - 36"w x 24"h - Pen, Ink, Pencil

"Indoctrination" - 18"w x 24"h - Pen, Ink, Pencil